You know, I feel like on this blog we talk about the really deep, sad things that people go through, but we don’t really talk about all of the good stuff that happens in life, too. I would get so annoyed as a kid when my parents would say: “It’s not all sunshine and rainbows” because I knew that, I knew that life wasn’t always wonderful, but why did that have to always be the focus of our conversations. Why wasn’t the happiness and joy of life ever talked about with the same vigor and passion as the sadness and struggle of life? That’s something that I hope to do different and better with my kids. No, “it’s not all sunshine and rainbows…but a good amount of it actually is.” I want my kids, and I want all of you, to hope and dream and not just start life with this twisted perspective that death, anxiety, and depression are waiting for you around every corner. I’ve been through hell and back and despite all of that, I still know that life is good. I don’t HOPE that life is good. I KNOW that life is good because I’ve seen the good and experienced the good for myself. And I believe that you will, too, so just hang in there.  💜




Calm yourself like the ocean.

Release your pain and rage and sorrow in a swirling hurricane,

And then let those emotions float away on the breeze.

Do not bother to maintain a false facade of focus if your thoughts are boiling.

Let the actions of others have consequences,

Let the injustice of this cruel earth affect your soul,

But then breathe and move on.

And that’s the trick, luv. Always keep moving…


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Imagine being up, up, up your whole entire life. Nothing ever going wrong, everything always going the way you plan. Imagine never getting into arguments with people. Just love all day, every day. Imagine never breaking a bone or getting a cold. Imagine you’ve never had a lonely night and you never will again. Imagine having every dream come right to your doorstep without even having to work for it… you can’t imagine it, can you? Nope. Because that is not what life is supposed to be. If that were true, and that’s how things were, you would never appreciate anything. You wouldn’t know what it was like to want. You would never have the urge to do anything. You would have no willpower. You would have no meaning or purpose. But you DO have a valuable purpose! And you know what else? You would have no strength. And strength is an important quality, which you also have. So all of those times you’ve fallen down, all of those times you’ve felt kicked around or beat up on, and definitely all of those times you’ve been told “no”, TAKE THOSE and embrace them. Turn them into power, and go for whatever it is you want. I promise you will get there. Appreciate the downfall, and go do what you thought you couldn’t. After all, those who have never fallen, never get up. -Ariana 💜


When I was a kid I was a total tomboy- I hated dresses and the color pink. I just wanted to play in the mud and ride horses. But somewhere along the way I changed and now I’m obsessed with sparkles and everything pink and flowery.  I’ve become friends with people I used to think were annoying, I change my mind about my career path almost every month, and now I even like mushrooms. I can never decide what drink I want at coffee shops or what ice cream flavor to get. I’m all over the place and I drive people crazy because I can’t make up my mind. I talk constantly and annoy people.  Sometimes I get so frustrated with myself that I want to hole up in my room and never allow myself to go outside again. But I don’t, because this is who I am and there’s NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.

It’s ok to not have everything figured out and it’s ok to be scatterbrained and awkward because that’s just part of growing up. We’re fumbling and we’re dumb sometimes, we’re scared to death and we’re overconfident. We’re alive and we’re real- and we are right where we are supposed to be.


Xoxo, Cindy 💜

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You are allowed to leave toxic friendships and relationships.


You are allowed to cut anything out of your life that brings you negativity or lowers your confidence.


This does not make you selfish, but instead shows that you will not tolerate anything less than the self worth you deserve.


And I know that ending a friendship is never easy, and it is important to give second chances. But I’m not talking about a couple mishaps here. If they know something bothers you but they continue to do it, if they keep lying, if they keep purposefully doing things to damage your self esteem—if it brings you more stress than happiness, it’s time to let those people go.


You deserve better. You deserve respect and love.


Friendships and relationships are supposed to make you feel better about yourself… remember that.


-Hunter 💜


I have struggled in the past with alcohol and drug addiction and my self image. I thought if I wasn’t partying every weekend, I wasn’t being cool. I got in with the wrong crowd which fueled my addictions. I wanted to be “hotter,” which in my messed up mind meant skinnier. Therefore, I wouldn’t eat. Or if I did, I wouldn’t keep it down. I wanted to be “cooler,” which meant getting super drunk or trying anything anyone else was trying. It was diminishing to my health and I began to suffer from seizures. Thankfully, someone found me in my hole of despair and mentored me. They helped me by reaching down and believing in me. They knew of my addictions, and they loved me anyway. My weekends have gone from black out drunk, and drugged to quiet reflection times or times for an adventure. I spend more time doing things I actually enjoy like this past weekend I went hiking and next weekend I’m planning to go wild caving. And my rest weekends are spent at home. I enjoy myself and I don’t need the validation from that “it” crowd. Sounds insane how much a weekend can impact your life. When I thought I was being “cool,” I was miserable. I didn’t care if I died. Now, I care if I don’t truly live. You get to determine how you live your life, not someone else. So if you want to stay home, stay home! If you want to go on a trip by yourself, do it. Don’t let your mind run your life. Follow your heart and don’t be afraid. I believe in you. 💜



I almost let this happen.

I almost settled instead of going after my dreams and following the path I knew I was supposed to stay on. I didn’t, though, and that’s something I will always be proud of myself for.

I see all these people who give up what they really want because it is deemed as unrealistic or impractical or downright stupid in other’s eyes—and it breaks my heart.

Despite what anyone says, you have to remember that you are doing this for you.

This is your life. These are your choices. You deserve to be happy and you deserve to know what it’s like to pursue what you love.

Don’t lose yourself in trying to please everyone else, remember who you are and where you came from. Nobody else has to offer the world what you do. Embrace yourself and live your life to the fullest—be the light you wish to see.


-Hunter 💜