So I have been waiting to make the infamous “13 Reasons Why” post…

So I have been waiting to make the infamous “13 Reasons Why” post, but I think it’s time I go ahead and do it. I originally wanted to do it right after I binge-watched the entire series, but I’m glad that I waited because now I’m not so immersed in all of the feelings it brings up when you watch it. Now, I can write from a little more of an un-emotional-influenced stand point. I’m sure some of you out there have wondered what my opinion is on this very controversial series and I think some of you will be surprised. While many think the show “glamorized” suicide, I have a hard time understand how they came to that conclusion. I didn’t think there was anything glamorous at all about Hannah slitting her wrists and dying in her own bloody bathtub. Sorry if that’s harsh, but that just doesn’t seem right. I thought if it was anything it was honest and genuine. I, as a survivor of suicide, can appreciate them being honest and genuine about those feelings. There were also some parents who said that kids could have gotten the point without all of the explicitness of the thrusting when Hannah was raped. I highly disagree with that, also. Maybe I’m just a disgruntled teenage blogger, who knows? But I think that was also necessary. Not all teens get to grow up in a world where rape is just a word they’ve heard on TV; some of us have lived it… and props to Selena Gomez for making all rape victims out there feel cared about and represented. I’m sorry that the rape was hard for some of you parents to watch, but it’s harder than hell to experience, so I think you should just shut your mouth. I think the rape scenes will actually help young teens be more sensitive and considerate to people they know who have been raped; maybe the awareness that this show brings will help the percentage of rape victims who commit suicide go down. Just food for thought. Most importantly, I think everyone out there who watches that show goes through a deep pit of depression for days or even weeks after finishing the show because IT MAKES YOU FEEL SOMETHING! IT MAKES YOU HURT FOR HANNAH AND FOR CLAY AND FOR EVERY OTHER KID AND PARENT AND HUMAN THAT SUFFERED ON THAT TV SHOW. I appreciated the reflection that I went through as a result of “13 Reasons Why”. And no, it wasn’t always good thoughts…I mean… I was Hannah in high school. It made me remember why death looked so good to me back in the day. But that show also made me feel understood and loved and cared for…in a grand way. So, yeah, I am pro-13 reasons why. I just think the most important thing for people to know as they are watching it is that you are not Hannah Baker…you are you…and your story can end differently if you let it. 
You are loved and cherished…💜


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