I miss you…

I miss you. There, I said it. We were so close for so long and you would ask “How is your soul doing?” and that always meant to much to me. I realized a while ago you were not the person I was supposed to marry, and any romantic feelings I had for you went away after that. I was still excited to see you when you came to visit, though, and I always looked forward to messaging you when I saw you were online. When I met the person I was meant to be with I didn’t hide him from you, I wanted you to know him and be friends. However, you found your partner and you cut me out. The worst part is that I didn’t even do anything to make you hate me. Not knowingly, anyway. But you never talk to me and you never miss me, too. It hurts and I feel like a stupid girl getting over a breakup. I miss your friendship and I miss being close to you and knowing how you are.
So how do you go back to being strangers with someone who has seen your soul? I don’t think you do. It feels like a scarf that you never finished knitting- it just sits there and is jostled around until all the stitches come out and you’re left with a ball of unfinished yarn. And it hurts, everyday.
Xoxo, Cindy 💜

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