I say this probably 5 times a day, haha!  

I say this probably 5 times a day, haha! Every single time I forget to wake up early enough to eat breakfast, or when there’s nothing in my fridge to take for lunch, or when I get confused at work. Sometimes I’ve said it about the big things in life- like when I graduated High School, or when I got married super young, or when I moved to a big city. 
I am not trying to imply that big decisions shouldn’t be thought out. Quite the opposite- I’m saying that whatever obstacles stand in your way you CAN most definitely figure them out no matter how hard it is. Sometimes the calculations happen before, but there are a lot of situations that just need to be figured out along the way. Either is good and fine.
Accept the things you cannot change and figure out the rest- you are totally capable of it, I promise. 
Xoxo, Cindy 💜

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