A lot of people are lost or stuck in life…

A lot of people are lost or stuck in life. In a job they don’t enjoy, doing an activity they don’t like but they want the approval of someone else so they continue doing it, or maybe you’re stuck with an addiction you don’t feel like you have the strength to leave behind. It’s easy to fall into the space of hopelessness when you feel trapped. These past two weeks have been hard for me personally, I’ve just felt kinda empty, no inspiration has been flowing through my soul and it’s been hard, I’ve wanted to just give up and lay in bed all day but I know I can’t just give up. There is so much I have left to do in my life. When you get to that place where you’re feeling hopeless and purposeless, think about how many things you still need to do or see, there is so much. Do not give up on yourself, you deserve all the beauty this life has to offer you. 💜

All My Love,


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