This is so true…

This is so true. You need people around you that are like this. When I look at my girlfriend or my best friend, they see the best in me. They know who I am and what I mean when I say something. They also just see when something is wrong. They don’t have to ask or you don’t have to tell them. They just feel when something is wrong.
My girlfriend can see something is wrong just by my texts or the tone of my voice.

My best friend can see it in the way I say stuff or how I’m acting. 
They are the best people in my life.

Not a moment goes by that I think I could go a day without them. 
When I was going through a really rough time, my girlfriend noticed right away and was there for me. My best friend sat down with me and told me no matter what time or what it’s about I could always call him and talk.
This gave me a feeling of love and that I was protected. Find does people and keep them close because they are the best.đź’ś

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