Wow. So yeah…

Wow. So yeah…my birthday was on the 28th of September (thank you for each and every one of the birthday wishes by the way!!!) and, looking back,”it’s been a year of intense growth.” In my 18th year of life I graduated high school, got engaged, got my very first real job, had 3 serious infections, and made No One Heard My Screams into a team, rather than a one-man-show. I GREW and GREW and GREW this year. My hips and boobs also decided to come in right before my 19th birthday, so I grew in the physical aspect as well. From birth, my life filled with more pain and trauma with each passing year up until the year of 18. 14, 15, and 16, were years of climax pain and suffering for me. 17 was my breaking point. 18 was my healing and growth year. And I’m proclaiming that 19 is the year that I’m going to thrive. Here’s to many more…💜
All the love to each and every one of you,


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