It is important to be a lover of people…

It is important to be a lover of people. To love them even when it hurts, to love someone when they have nothing they can offer you, and to continue to invest in people even though they don’t appreciate or recognize what you are doing. I believe that that is the kind of love that truly makes this world a better place.
Simultaneously, though, I think we need to be aware when our love is blatantly being taken advantage of and to recognize when it may be, in fact, MORE loving to let go then to keep enabling someone to use you.
And on top of that, in order to lead healthy, enriching, and inspiring lives, we need to be careful of who we keep in our close-knit circle. We’ve heard it our whole lives, “bad company corrupts good morals”; but it is 100% true. Be with the people who love you and choose you. Don’t chase after people who could care less about you just because it might be the “cool” thing to do. Don’t bear your heart to people who forget to check up on you.
Find balance in who you spend your time and your life with. Be careful who you open up to and give your heart to. Your time and your energy are priceless- spend it on things with value. Even if no one else understands.
Xoxo, Cindy 💜

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