Art takes time…

“Art takes time- Monet grew his gardens before he painted them.” How lovely is this? And how many life applications does it have? I found quite a few…for example, when you have a passion for something you usually have to practice it over and over and hone your craft before you go into that profession. If you’re a musician, you sing or play and practice and grow your knowledge of the subject, then you put it on display. But I found a much deeper meaning as this applies to people. “Monet grew his gardens before he painted them.” I found it interesting that he took to the time to grow his gardens; he didn’t paint things unless they had actual substance to them; he found pleasure in physical inspiration. People are the same way. We should do the back-work on ourselves; invest in ourselves; grow ourselves; hit our stride before we “paint” ourselves. We need to grow our own gardens and I think the majority of the human population actually forgets that. “Art takes time” to be beautiful and people do, too. 💜


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