Ah, a question it seems that so many of us ask ourselves…

Ah, a question it seems that so many of us ask ourselves: “Am I supposed to be grateful to have survived this?” And the answer is complex. Sometimes its easy to be grateful for your trials; if you’re doing good and seeing all the sunshine and rainbows of the world, it’s not too hard to say that your struggles have helped you grow. But when your mind is clouded by the anxieties, fears, and stresses, that your struggles have caused, it’s a whole lot easier to get bitter and dejected about the whole ordeal. It just depends on the day…just like everything else in life. I’m trying to start embracing the ups and downs of life a little bit more and work on my life flexibility. I think that this definitely falls in that category. Feelings are feelings and they are very inconsistent, but just keep in mind that “this, too, shall pass”. 💜


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