I’ve recently discovered I suck at listening…

I’ve recently discovered I suck at listening. Sometimes I don’t know how to listen because I’m afraid I won’t have anything to say. Sometimes I just straight up don’t listen because I’m too busy thinking about what I’m going to say next. I honestly believe that is wrong and rude, so I’m trying really hard to become better at listening. I’ve always been a crazy energetic extrovert, and I have a lot that I want to say to the world. I’m learning, though, that sometimes the world doesn’t need to hear my voice all the time. Sometimes I need to just sit calmly and listen to what other people have to say. And then maybe I will be able to touch people’s lives better. Maybe fewer words are better than long speeches and monologues. I need to listen to understand, not to reply. 
I’m not sure what my takeaway here is…. I suppose I want to encourage you to stop and listen, too. If you are in conflict with someone (especially if it’s your family members) try listening to understand their point of view rather than defending your own cause. Be willing to put your personal feelings aside for a moment to listen and understand. And then once you have fully understood them, reevaluate what you want to say. If you still think you have a worthy cause to vocalize- do so boldy. But don’t buy into the idea that you are always right. Be bold in your beliefs, but also be willing to find out you’re wrong and to change.
Xoxo, Cindy 💜 

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