Sometimes we fail…

Sometimes we fail. Sometimes it’s a minor setback, but sometimes we mess up BIG TIME. And it sucks, it really really sucks. But tomorrow is always a new day. If you sucked yesterday, be better today. Learn from your mistakes, even if you learn slowly.
When I was going through my darkest days of my OCD, when I didn’t know right from wrong, up from down, and sometimes even the slightest body movement was a fight, my Mom continuously told me to “do the next right thing”. She didn’t mean the next big life-changing right thing. She meant the little choices that bogged me down everyday. She meant to take every moment step-by-step and keep fighting. Big picture mindset is what gets us through to the end, but seeing each moment individually and taking one step at a time is what gets us through life.
If you fell down yesterday, stand up today. And if you fall down today, stand up tomorrow. There is always tomorrow. Learn from your mistakes, even if you learn slowly. Stand up, repeat. Don’t forget to look back at the mountains you’ve climbed. 😘
Xoxo, Cindy 💜

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