People were created to be loved…

It’s become more and more apparent to me that what most people see value in is what they have materialistically speaking. The world revolves around money. And the more important these materialistic ideas become, the more you see them being of higher value than other humans and their feelings. I see this even in music. Today’s music will praise men that straight up play with women like they’re objects. One after another as if they don’t have actual feelings. The younger generations see this behavior and think it’s okay. It’s a vicious and endless cycle that will only get worse if we don’t start addressing it. That’s only one example of many that this mentality has resulted in. We must work harder at loving one another, putting each other first rather than ourselves. Gluttony has never and will never benefit anyone. At the end of the day the material things will loose value… your money will inevitably run out and what will you have to show for it? You will have no real relationships with any person of value because you were too blinded by your selfishness to see the treasure of a person that you threw away. Don’t give into this new aged standard that your personal value lies in the objects you obtain. Your value comes from within, your value comes from the good you can do for this world. 💜

All my Love,


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