You know, I feel like on this blog we talk about the really deep, sad things that people go through, but we don’t really talk about all of the good stuff that happens in life, too. I would get so annoyed as a kid when my parents would say: “It’s not all sunshine and rainbows” because I knew that, I knew that life wasn’t always wonderful, but why did that have to always be the focus of our conversations. Why wasn’t the happiness and joy of life ever talked about with the same vigor and passion as the sadness and struggle of life? That’s something that I hope to do different and better with my kids. No, “it’s not all sunshine and rainbows…but a good amount of it actually is.” I want my kids, and I want all of you, to hope and dream and not just start life with this twisted perspective that death, anxiety, and depression are waiting for you around every corner. I’ve been through hell and back and despite all of that, I still know that life is good. I don’t HOPE that life is good. I KNOW that life is good because I’ve seen the good and experienced the good for myself. And I believe that you will, too, so just hang in there.  💜



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