See the thing is, I keep so many of my thoughts inside because people just don’t care. I save my thoughts for my music. I’ve been painfully shy since I can remember and it’s always haunted me. I worry that I miss out on a lot because of the simple fact that I couldn’t get the words to come out. But over the years I’ve realized that it’s not really a bad thing… your thoughts are precious, they are pieces of who you are. Do not waste them on ears and minds that don’t truly care. That is what I have gathered over the years. I love the fact that I can’t just share everything with someone I just met. I love the fact that no one can truly know me all at once, if someone wants to really know me then they’ll stick around to find out. Don’t look at your lack of words as a negative thing because those thoughts inside your head are precious and beautiful. Realize and understand that you don’t always have to use words to express how you feel. Learn to accept that part of you.
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