I’ve heard this saying my whole life and honestly don’t fully understand what it means. So I started to think back to times in my life when I don’t always remember what was said, but how I felt.

I remember the “best” concert I ever went to. It wasn’t the best musically but I felt so much hope and freedom after it that I would still call it the best.

I remember the day my parents split up and how afraid I was. My whole body was shaking and my brother grabbed my feet as I lay on the couch to comfort me. He stood up to my parents and told them that all we wanted was for the fighting to stop. I will never forget the feeling of safety and protection my brother gave me that day.

I will never forget how stupid I felt in first grade P.E. when another girl made fun of me because I couldn’t catch a ball.

I will never forget how one day after church when I was ready to throw everything away, two older woman reached out to me and helped me realize that it was ok to be struggling on this journey. That I could be real and honest with them and I didn’t have to be “put together”.

So, looking back, I know it’s true. Even though sometimes it seems like nothing I say will ever matter. I’ve always wanted my life to be about inspiring others and encouraging them no matter what stage of life they find themselves in. Sometimes I wonder if it will ever make a difference because the words I say haven’t gone viral or anything like that.


Anyway, I hope that everyday I can live in a way that makes people FEEL loved and valued. And I hope that never fades away.


Xoxo, Cindy 💜

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