Whatever you fill yourself up with will be what you can give out. So if you fill yourself up with knowledge, you’ll have knowledge to give. Same with love, art, experience, etc. But the same is true of hate. If you fill up with hate, that’s what will spill out of you. Surround yourself by people who will build you up, make you better. That way you can be better for others. Maybe if everyone did that, the world would become a better place full of people that aren’t trying to knock each other down. You get to choose who you hang around. You pick your friends, so pick ones who will lead you to be the best you.

Now I can relate to those of you reading this that think “but what about my family?” You can’t choose your family. Someone once told me “you can’t choose what happens to you but you can choose how you respond.” My mom was physically abusive to me. I was a child. I couldn’t leave. So I had to choose how I responded to what I was experiencing. I didn’t choose the correct way. I chose to harbor resentment and that influenced how I treated other people. Now that I’ve had time to figure out that resentment hurts no one but me, forgiveness has been very beneficial. I am more loving to others because I choose to be happy no matter what life throws at me. 💜


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