Your body is your temple. The two of you are connected. Whatever you choose to eat, your body digests. However the amount of exercise you choose to do, your body will enhance that also. Your body is always there for you. You only have one, and you will will never get another. This body has to last you the rest of your life. Your body depends on you, and you depend on your body. We all make mistakes. Your body may even let you down some days. Like when your leg randomly gives out, and you fall making a fool of yourself. Or one day you wake up with severe acne which I know I’ve struggled with myself. But don’t give up on it, because it’s trying it’s best. Same goes for you. You may have let your body down a few times, but your body knows you didn’t mean it. So apologize, be forgiven. Forgive yourself while you’re at it. After all, a fresh start is all you need sometimes.

-Ariana 💜

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