I just made a major cross-country move a few months ago and one of the things I was most excited about was being able to reinvent myself. I had no friends, so I could be who I really wanted to be without the judgement that always held me back at home. However, it seems like all my baggage has just followed me here. I can’t seem to let go of the old me and be who I really want to be. For some reason,  feel like I HAVE to be the same scared push-over I was before. Any new person I meet I end up dumping all my issues onto instead of being a new person. I don’t know why, that’s just how it seems. I suppose it’s my OCD raging on, not letting me do the things I want to do. I hate it.

I kinda feel like I’ve missed my shot already, but I know that’s not true. I still have barely gotten to know anyone, there is still time for me to push past my brain and be the real me. I know I can be self-confident, strong, and fun. I just have to let go of the fear of failure and looking stupid. I know I can be enough to accomplish my dreams.

I know I can, I know I can, I know I can.


Xoxo, Cindy  💜

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