I wish people could simply say “Hey I really don’t like it when you treat me like that.” Or, “Hey when you say this it bothers me.” But more often than not, when we’re upset we say silent… why?

Fear of confrontation, not wanting to anger anyone, worrying about coming across as desperate or sensitive—we each have our own reasons.

But the thing is, if you ever want to fix or resolve an issue—you have to speak up. Communication and honesty are both key traits in problem solving. If your friend is doing something that you don’t like, maybe you need to be vocal about it. I’m not saying be rude or mean—just confront and address the issue. Talk it out. Listen. Work together for a better outcome… Doing these things will strengthen bonds—not weaken them.

I understand not everyone is assertive—and that’s perfectly fine—but sometimes, even though it may be uncomfortable, you have to initiate conversation. If someone did something that hurt you, you have the full right to bring it up. They don’t get to decide whether they made you feel that way or not. And, maybe they didn’t even realize it was affecting you in a negative way.

There’s no way to miscommunicate when you are being 100% transparent and open about how you feel. Being honest is the only way you will truly get to know yourself—and the only way others will get to know you–the real you.


Love you guys.


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