It seems like we remember every little bad thing that could’ve gone wrong throughout the day. A customer yelling at you, somebody giving you an ugly look, something an enemy said behind your back, AT&T messing up again, that ugly picture of you a family member posted on Facebook, the eyebrow lady messed up once again, getting a speeding ticket or somebody not saying “thank you” after holding the door for them. Maybe it’s a bigger dilemma in your day, such as the AC going out, car breaking down, a family member passing, breaking your arm (and of course it’s the one you use the most), your phone screen cracked and it’s done for, your significant other of three and half years breaking up with you, or finding out you have diabetes. We look at the negatives all day every day because it seems as though they affect our lives the most. Maybe that’s only true because those are the ones we let get to us. But, what if we let the good things stick with us just as much? Like somebody telling you your hair looks nice, the weather being super beautiful today, you made it everywhere on time today (and we know that never happens), your favorite song coming on the radio on your way to work, someone holding the door for you with a pleasant smile, an old friend texting you saying they miss you, the coffee tasting even better than yesterday, your skin is looking super today, or maybe  the donut shop gave you a few free extra donut holes. Maybe even some of the major things, such as being healthy, your child saying their first word, your family members are alive and well, someone telling you they love you, knowing that Jesus Christ died for your sins, or something as simple as the fact that you woke up today to even read this post. Imagine the positivity the world can create. It’s already there, just embrace it.


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