Announcement: Mentorship Program

Hi guys!

All of the writers, including myself, are very excited about this new step in expanding NOHMS and hope that this will benefit all involved in the program.

In a nutshell, the mentorship program is one month long and involves one-on-one communication and friendship between a follower and a writer; the writer will be your mentor. The goal of this program is for the mentor to be able to be your friend and try to give you the best advice that they can as you get through the month together. For example, if you feel like you need help with quitting a self-harm addiction, you will be placed with a mentor that has dealt with that and they will advise you as best they can on how to move past that struggle. Some mentors might give you assignments to complete, others might want to talk through it, and still others might come up with something totally unique! While the writers will be assessing your situation and planning the best plan of action for you, your dedication and willingness to do what they ask you to do is essential.

The mentors currently involved in the program are:

Kenzy: Specializes in self-harm, sexual abuse, depression, anxiety, teenage pregnancy, bullying, and suicidal thoughts. She is very driven; organized; very artistic; gets to the point quickly.

Jason:  Specializes in self harm, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, depression, sexual abuse, and deaths of those close to you. He is a great listener; soft spoken; and has a gentle approach to helping people.

Eryn: Specializes in self love, relationships, depression, anxiety, and emotional abuse. She is caring; patient; and a good listener.

Snoopy: Specializes in family dysfunction or trauma, ADHD, and traumatic grief. She is quirky; positive; poetic; and very artistic.

Dory: Specializes in trauma (all types), traumatic grief, depression, and suicidal thoughts. She is wise; methodical; open-minded; and an outstanding listener.

Ariana: Specializes in relationships, self love, and teenage pregnancy. She is confident; dedicated; and doesn’t give up on people.

Cindy: Specializes in suicide, depression, anxiety, mental health (in general), relationships, and parental problems. She is inspirational; likes to examine things closely; and is fun in her methods!

As we only have around 7 mentors at this moment, we can only take on 7 followers per month. The first 7 people to email or message me privately will be the first round of followers involved in the program. If you are not one of the first 7 to email or message me, you will be added to a waitlist and will be taken on by a mentor as soon as one is available. At this point, this is a free program.

Please include in your email:

-Your name, or fake name if you want to remain anonymous
-Your preferred mentor
-Why you’re interested in this program
-A short bio explaining your interests
-If you’re willing, a backstory on your life

Note: Your responses to the above email requirements will not have any bearing on if you get into the program. Anyone who sends us an email or chat message with the above information will automatically be inducted into the program; we just need the above information in order to make sure we understand what you’re hoping to gain from the program.💜

Much, Much Love,


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