If this is not me, then I don’t know what is. Swear it’s like I’m a different person every day. I never know how I’ll wake up that day or what I’ll have the urge to do. Just sit and do absolutely nothing or go try to conquer the world. It’s like there is no balance at all. I’m extreme or boring. I’m super happy or super depressed. And it’s not even the sad depressed anymore. It’s that “leave me alone I want to be sad today” depressed. And my happiness is like the super annoying happiness where I talk too much and get on everybody’s nerves, but just don’t care because I’m too happy to. I have these days where I want to go work out and start on a bunch of brand new projects in life, and then others where I feel as though I don’t want to do anything but eat, when I know I’ve already overstuffed myself. Anyways, sometimes it is very overwhelming. But let me tell you, it’s never boring. That’s what keeps me interested in myself. So of course it’s good to continue to try and find that balance, but along the way, don’t forget to embrace your craziness. -Ariana 💜

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