When I think of angels, I think of something beautiful and good. When I think of the devil, I generally think of something quite like a little red, horned man. But the devil is quite the opposite. He’s appealing. Very attractive. Otherwise, how would he be tempting? Addictions seem appealing. That’s how they draw you in. When your world is in a downhill spiral, temptations sneak in and whisper comforting words in your ear. Lies. Sweet lies. Drugs, cutting, bulimia. I’ve been tempted and fell to them all. The comfort, relief, acceptance I was searching for couldn’t be found no matter how many diet pills I took, no matter how many times I threw up, no matter how many meals I skipped, how many times I cut. The devil had me. But the key word is “had”. I’m no longer a slave to my addictions. Whatever you may be suffering from now, it can’t hold you forever. You must realize that you are better and stronger than even your biggest addiction. It can’t consume you unless you let it. Never stop fighting. You WILL win! 💜


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