This quote resonates with me.

You see, luv, I often forget these things.

My beauty, my worth, my importance.

And the world laudes me for being humble, when I’m really missing part of my identity.

When did we forget to remember that we are worth celebrating?

It makes me angry that the first time somebody told me that I mattered, I didn’t believe her words.

It makes me angry that I have to fight to remember that I am strong, that I am important, that there are people who love me.

It makes me angry that I’m only just starting to realize that these things are not okay.

When did I put a step between friends and strangers?

Why did I stop gazing at the girl in the mirror, studying her like the work of art that I am?

What caused me to drop all these child-like qualities?

But enough about me and my problems. Now is the part of my writing where I turn it back on you and tell you to do things in a probably poetic fashion with parallels and repetition.

[I don’t know why I’m so cynical/self aware, but it’s late and I’m behind on my writing, so I’m just gonna roll with it 💜]

Anyway, the outside world wants you to forget to marvel at your own strength, or revel in your own beauty.

So throw the world a giant middle finger

Stare at your beautiful reflection. Gaze into the mirror until you find it.

Look back at how far you’ve come, how much you’ve overcome. Repeat after me: “Damn, I’m strong.” Do this until you believe the words.

Tell yourself every morning that you matter. Repeat this as needed until they no longer sound hollow, and then keep going.

You are important, you are beautiful, you are strong, you matter.


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