This can be so hard to realize.

When I was growing up I always got called ugly and a nerd because I have glasses.

I got called ugly and a nerd so much I started to believe what they said.

I started to think I was ugly and I didn’t deserve to be loved. I hid away from people because I never felt accepted.

That all changed when I met my girlfriend, she showed me how awesome I am and that I’m not ugly. She told me how handsome I was when I slept or how there was a twinkle in my eyes when I looked at her.

It showed me a whole different to look at myself. It’s when we are not trying to be amazing for other people we are our best.

You are beautiful the way you are and if the people around you don’t think so you are not with the right people.

There is somebody out there who loves you the way you aređź’ś


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