I will hold your hand. I will kiss your forehead. I will sit and talk with you as long as you need. I will watch the stars with you. I will sing your favorite songs with you. And when you don’t feel like singing, I will sing them to you. I will take you to eat at your favorite restaurants. I will make sure to tell you good morning every single morning, and tell you good night every single night. I will carry you when you don’t feel like walking. I will sit in complete silence when you don’t feel like talking. I will give you my last dime during your struggles. I will watch whichever Netflix series your obsessed with this month with you. And the month after that. I will support whatever crazy dreams you may have because they aren’t that crazy to me. I will hold you in my arms until you fall asleep when you have too much on your mind. I will give you a massage if that’s what you really need to relax. And when it comes the day, I would give you my last breath if I could. If it takes our whole entire lives, I will make you believe you are lovely. 💜


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