Alright, can I just say A- to the MEN to this quote. I am a HUGE personal experience person. So much so that I have to make a point to tell myself to stop telling so many of my own stories when I’m listening to other people vent. 😛  Of course with everything there is a balance, but I thoroughly believe in sharing your story whenever and wherever possible when it’s appropriate. I love hearing other people’s stories because it gives me ideas for dealing with my own situations as I learn what worked and what didn’t in a similar scenario.  They also inspire me (even if I can’t relate) when I hear of how hard someone has fought to get to where they are. I see the good in people even when all the world had to throw at them was dirt and debris.

I know sometimes our stories can have dark corners to them, and I understand that some people are not ready to share all of their stories. If that’s the case for you- please share what you can right now. I encourage you to search for a way to feel safe enough to tell the darker parts, even if it takes time, because I guarantee someday you will cross paths with someone who needs to hear what you have to say.

Everyone needs to know that they are not alone, and that’s the whole point of this blog- to tell the unheard stories. You have a safe place here; perhaps this is your first step to being free.

Xoxo Cindy 💜

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