This has always been and will most likely forever be one of my favorite quotes. I think the reason being is a smile can go so far, while the world can end any moment. It’s rare to even find a smile these days. We all look at each other and pass each other in groceries stores and look so scornful. We walk nonchilantly and all look like disappointed mothers. I know I naturally have that resting b word face, so they say, but if you look my way, I will try my best to smile at you. Sad that we have to try to smile. From the things we see on the news, to the tension we even feel every day, it does seem as though it could be hard. Nothing but bad news daily. The bad news makes us forget about the good thing that happened this morning and the fact that we have the most important person watching over us every single day. We can live day to day remorseful and full of fear of acceptance or we can rejoice in each day and forget what the world has to say to us, because the world is evil. We can make a difference. We can smile at strangers. Smile through the pain, because the world will always throw it at us. It’s how we react that matters and shapes our lives.

-Ariana 💜

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