Recently, when I was watching Grey’s Anatomy, the Chief said, “It’s okay to be scared; it means that you still have something to lose.” In the context of the show, the Chief was saying that to a man who was very severely injured and could die at any moment. At first glance, this isn’t comforting at all, but if you do a double-take, I think you’ll find that there’s actually a powerful truth in there. If you have something to lose that would have to mean that you have something in the first place; it means that you have something in your life that you love with everything that you’ve got and you don’t want to lose it. We should be proud that we have things to lose in life; it means we’ve gained something, despite all of the trials that get thrown our way. Now that I’ve talked about that, I also wanted to talk about how many instances in life we would do well to use this quote as a motto. I can think of 2 off of the top of my head that apply specifically to me: sex and womanly exams at the doctor. I remember when I wanted to have sex for the first time and I was really, really scared because up to that point, anything sexual that I had attempted had ended in tears and flashbacks, but one day…I felt ready. I was scared, but I was ready. And this quote was exactly what I did. I felt the fear and did it anyway. I let the fear empower me instead of control me. When I was deathly ill in January I allowed myself to get a female exam for the first time ever and, yes, it was horrifying… but also yes, it saved my life. I felt the fear and did it anyway because IT WAS IMPORTANT. Honestly, I think that the ability to do that is really something to be proud of. 



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