It is my belief that you can be thriving despite what’s happening around you. If I look at where I am right now, I have struggles…very big struggles… but I’m also writing my first novel, the owner of this very successful blog that HELPS PEOPLE, someone’s soulmate and fiancée, a recording artist about to release her first album, and a broken girl starting to put all of her pieces back together. Maybe it seems strange that I would say that I’m thriving, but, for me, I really am thriving. I felt it was important to post this as a sort of update because I know I can be down sometimes and make anxious posts occasionally, but overall, these are some of the best times in my life. I am saying this to you to give you hope; hope that no matter how bad your life has been, I believe that it will go up even higher than the extent to which is dipped low. Have hope…and know that one day…you will thrive, too. 💜


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