Sometimes it’s easy to forget.

Forget the pain

Forget mistakes

Forget to process

Forget to eat

Forget to shower

Forget to sleep

Forget why you started talking about forgetting…

Forget why people think you have any business being where you are…


I don’t feel overly qualified to talk about recovery. Not here, anyway. It seems that all the other authors have dealt with some form of abuse, eating disorder, or some other major thing. They all have recovery stories, while I have made peace with my grief (as best I can), and there’s not much recovery to be done for ADHD (since I’m stuck with it). I guess you could say that I am constantly recovering in little ways, but the furthest I have delved into that is Self Care Sunday, in which I pamper myself and do my laundry once a week. I have no big “Red Sea” moment, no big turning point, no defined day in my life where I decided to take control of my life. I’m just trying to find my way in a big wide world full of distractions and obstacles, hoping that I don’t burn too many bridges behind me.

Recovery looks different on different people, I guess.


~Snoopy 💜

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