I truly believe that if I hadn’t suffered through what I did as a child, I wouldn’t be able to help so many people today. There’s something about really experiencing those things myself that have allowed me to see it in others. My step dad always said, “I can always see an alcoholic because I was one”.  

I think it’s really interesting how you can tell that someone is going through something monumental by such little signs, but I guess that’s the irony in it all. The things in the picture above are all telltale signs, but the most common signs I see are little tricks they have. For example, I used to pull on my eyelashes and my eyebrows, chew my bottom lip, run my fingers through my hair over and over, pinch or scratch my legs, and avoid eye contact (I still do sometimes). All of this just goes to show that what you see on the outside is just the tip of the iceberg most of the time. Now, you can’t just go around analyzing every single person’s behavior and trying to create something horrible out of their quirks, and not everyone even has little behaviors that show what’s going inside, but helping people is a matter of being observant, and when you pick up on things, learning to not always point them out. You can help people without them knowing that you’re trying to help them. Be kind to them and be consistent with them. That’s what’s going to help these people… I know, because that’s what helped me. 💜



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