I know that people have tried to tear you down. I know that they’ve called you names. I know that they’ve done horrible things to you. I know that they’ve tried to break you. I know that someone has hurt you intentionally. I know they’ve watched you fall and never tried to help you back up. I know that someone has made you feel left out. I know that they’ve watched you cry and never offered to wipe up the tears. I know that they’ve knocked down the little pride you had. I know that they’ve practically slapped you in the face. I know that they never once thought about what you’re feeling. I know they never even worried about what you may have been going through. They did it. They hurt you, and they have no excuse. But I see you. I see you still standing. I still you standing strong and proud. And best of all… I see you still smiling! And living your life and being the best that you can be. Kill em with kindness baby because I swear that kills them. -Ariana 💜


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