I always look at where I am today and wonder how in the world I got here. Day to day, it seems as nothing changes, but when you look back a year ago or even a few months, things are totally different. You know how you got here? A lot of pushing. A lot of struggle. A lot of strength. A lot of pain. A lot of stressful situations. A lot of wanting to give up. A lot of pushing forward. Some smiles, frowns, laughs, cries. If you could re-read your story, I bet you’d feel so empowering. Like you’re capable of anything, but just because you can’t re-read it, doesn’t mean anything, because YOU ARE capable. Live day by day, but focus your mind on where you want to go. Keep pushing and doing what you do! And I bet you when you look back in a year, you’re going to be sprout once again of everything you’ve made it though in this cold, cold world. You’ve come to far to give up now, beautiful soul. -Ariana 💜

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