Ahh, yes. The good ole’ world ending philosophy. Every scientist in the world has a prediction of when they think the world will end. Wasn’t it for sure supposed to end in twenty-twelve? And what year is it now? Oh yeah, TWENTY-SEVENTEEN! You know, I’m not even worried about when it will end. And you shouldn’t either. If anything, it will be a blessing with everything going on. It’s like the world is ending every single day. Some end the world for themselves, some end the world for others, but we should take the world by storm every day and embrace it. Don’t let the world change that beautiful smile of yours, you better let that smile change this world! Every time you get the feeling as though your world is crushed and you’re all alone, fear not, for it is still spinning around you. The sun will shine again and the birds will chirp although you could’ve sworn you just heard demons telling you to give it all up. As is taught and given, there may be pain in the night, but joy comes in the morning. -Ariana 💜

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