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(This photo I just saw made me think of an article I read about an artist who couldn’t stop crying hysterically when she was grossly upset about something hideous that someone said to her. She took a selfie of her mascara dripped face and printed it, tore it up furiously, and then taped it back together.  Then she taped the picture of herself to her bathroom mirror and “had a talk” with herself…)

“There are people who take the heart out of you and there are people who put it back.  I can look at this swollen face and stay ripped up about this or I can stop fretting right now because there is something way more attractive about me not taking myself too seriously. I know myself better than they do.  So I refuse to lose my dignity or my smile. It’s still there somewhere right there under my nose and I’m taking it back!!”  And with that, she not only began to feel better but had a piece of “art” to commemorate it…. a reminder of a pretty quick recovery.  Her method may seem like a silly thing to do to someone else, but I have witnessed the same kind of very hurtful words just blow someone out of the water so badly especially when they came from someone who matters.  Words that are critical, unjustified, malicious and maybe even rooted in jealousy… and they wipe you out without any warning that they were even coming. Sometimes the pain runs deep so quickly that the surprise attack has gained the victory. So maybe you either get furious or hysterical but either way you unravel…and those words ring like a clanging bell over and over in your head…but you let them.  That’s why I like the bit about not losing your dignity. Granted, it takes a self taught lesson in “self control” instead of retaliating or crying buckets of tears. But it is possible to take your smile back and to even do it quickly. It is possible to stand firm in who you know you are and not let the injury take you down too fast, too far. Achieving this takes time and effort and practice,  but remember your dignity and keep it.   Remember that you know yourself.


DIGNITY: noun: dignity  1.the state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect. 2. a composed or serious manner or style.💜


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