Eating disorders are so real and very rarely talked about. Why is that? Because eating should be a natural thing? For some of us, it’s hard . I used to have to force myself to even eat a low calorie vegetable because I had trained my mind to hate food so I wouldn’t gain weight. Eating made me hate myself even more. If only I was skinnier, then I’d be prettier. Then people would like me. The image in my mind that I thought I had to achieve was not perfection. Society has us believing we must look like this or have that and in reality, we need to be showing self love. Looking in the mirror shouldn’t be difficult. Buying clothes shouldn’t be stressful. Eating shouldn’t be a challenge. But I know sometimes it is. So to anyone reading this who is struggling like I have, I want you to know… You are worth more than what you see in the mirror. You are valuable. You are more than a number on a tag. You are more than a size. You are beautiful just the way you are. 􀊅

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