IMG_4720.PNGWhen I face this, it is tiring. Feels like I am a dog chasing my own tail. I don’t understand it. How can I feel one way yet still feel another? But I see this as progress. When facing my eating disorder, I’m happy I’m recovering then there are the setback days where I look in the mirror, hate myself and almost fall back into my slump. I know it isn’t good for me yet for some reason my mind wants me to do it. But the contradictory feelings are progress! I used to not see it as bad. It was just something I did. But now, I can see both sides. And I’m hopeful that one day, I will look in the mirror no matter what day and love myself. These feelings you may have, voice them. All of them. Get them out of your head. Happy, sad, whatever. Write them down. Tell someone. Write on this post. And as days go by, you’ll see how you are changing and growing to be better. You’ll see how you are healing. You might not understand it now, but one day it will all make sense and fall in place.

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