IMG_4725.PNGI always wondered how people who struggled were suddenly fine. It seemed like they had it all instantly yet there I was trying to put myself back together and failing. I wish, prayed, hoped that one morning I might wake up and everything be perfect. I wanted to be better. I wanted it to happen right now. But I’ve come to realize healing takes time. It happens step by step. Layer by layer. Some steps are big, some layers deep but most are small. Small milestones on the way to becoming the better version. Looking back now, I can see how those small steps came together and made a larger picture. A picture I’m not ashamed to look at. In the moment, time will seem to be going slow. Dragging on forever. You wonder if you’ll ever get better. But don’t lose hope my dear, you’re moving forward. These small accomplishments are not for nothing. Take a breath. Don’t quit. You’ll get there.



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