People say that love hurts. But if love is the cause of pain, then how can it be possible for love to heal as well? 

In my experience, because of the love shown to me, I’ve been brought out of some harsh situations– things that you couldn’t pay me to go through again. But, you have to go through the dark to see the light and really appreciate it y’know?

True intimacy happens when nothing is right. When people are in pain and hurting. And by allowing yourself to become emotionally vulnerable when you open up, you grant others access to do the same thing. 

Love allows us to connect to others and help them and that kind of openness can be scary– but it’s also empowering and strengthens bonds; it doesn’t weaken them. You never know who is just dying to speak about what’s bothering them and maybe by admitting something that happened to you, someone else will relate. It will allow them to feel more comfortable talking about their own issues.

So I’d like to ask you to build each other up. Encourage one another. Compliment. Be kind. Love more than you hurt.

You never know what people have to go home too. 


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