I thought this was funny, and I wanted to share it.

Because, while this blog is all serious and somber, I’m not good at being serious and somber 100% of the time. I would rather be silly in controlled bursts then suddenly come up with something dark and kinda insensitive.

Also, I’m just realizing how long ago this song came out and oh gawd I’m old….

On a more serious note, Humor is how my family deals with pain.

When my Meemaw suddenly went into a coma a couple years ago, my dad and his siblings were making crazy puns in the hospital room. When she died, there was mourning, but we celebrated her life a week later at her funeral, telling funny stories and jokes through and in spite of our sorrow.

Life doesn’t care that you’re grieving.

Humor is a way to cope, to distract yourself from the pain long enough to get to the point where you can grieve. It’s a way to keep going, do what needs doing, without fully bottling up your feelings.

The balance between putting pain on the back burner and suppressing it is a delicate one, and it took a couple tries for me to master it.

But I have learned that it’s best to feel all your emotions wholeheartedly.

So laugh until you have time to process your tears.

Cry until the cruel irony of life brings a wry smile to your face.

Because emotions are complicated, luv, but that doesn’t have to work against you.


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