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Many people who have deep hurts would say that they do or did not have a family that loves or loved well. Families that are lacking in the exercise of love and mercy create for themselves a deficit of grace and forgiveness. Those are some of the things that make or break the strained relationships and the disconnectedness. But families are meant to be bigger than that. Someone said that one’s entire family going back generations is like a mighty river. Upriver goes back further than any scrapbook of memories. Most of the time we can’t and don’t see that far back. We only know that the spot in the river that we are at now came from way back there.

We don’t tend to see very far downriver either…we can’t get high enough to see where it ends…we just know that the spot we are in keeps flowing in that direction. The truth is, we are part of something much bigger than us.  We paddle the best we can, unfortunately sometimes without the love and help of the ones we live with, and we end up just navigating as we go.  All our troubles are like the rapids. Thing is, there are so many things that we don’t know about the unspoken lives of the people we live with… we see thru a glass darkly, we have seen or heard just fragmented bits and pieces.

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