This feels like an Irish blessing.

A benediction spoken with the familiar authority and ease that seems second nature to Ireland.

[I happen to be of Irish descent, but that is perhaps a tale for another day]

I don’t know why, but this style of speaking over someone seems particularly effective and comforting to me.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a conservative Christian community, where the whole “quote a bible verse at it and it’ll feel better” is a prevalent coping mechanism, and everybody speaks in the subjunctive tense.

[Subjunctive tense, BTW, is the unholy offspring of the past imperfect and future tenses. It exists in that vague space between an hour from now and next weekend, and usually starts with “I hope that” or “If it is god’s will”]

And maybe that works for some people, and if it works for you then great

But for me, it feels hollow. As though you aren’t confident in your words.

This kinda turned into a rant about wording, and why I think it’s important…

But that’s what happens at 4am, I suppose.


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