Success and health, both mental/physical, all look different for everyone. Just because you aren’t a size 2 doesn’t mean you’re unhealthy. Just because you can’t run 5 miles doesn’t mean you’re weak. Just because you can’t work out every single day doesn’t mean you’re lazy. Just because you’re at a different pace than others around you, doesn’t mean you will not reach your goals.

Time is not a measure of success. If you’re constantly looking around at everyone else, admiring their accomplishments and where they are in comparison to you, you need to alter your viewpoint a little.

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to get there. What matters is the journey, what you go through and how much you learn, and ultimately, if you push on or give up. Don’t concern yourself with how well others are doing, because their story is not yours. We each go through different trials and setbacks to shape us into who we are today. Even if others look immensely successful on the outside, I guarantee you they are facing their own struggles that no one knows about.

Get to know yourself in the deepest way you can. Yes, the physical aspect is very important, but be sure to take care of yourself mentally as well. True health and happiness comes when you are at peace with both.

It took me a very long time to become confident in how I look. But now that I’m there, I want to take care of myself, and I want to do better and be better. And I hope that you do too.


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