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Hey  there… So I am the one who has walked and talked with Kenzy for a while now and you may have heard her refer to me as her counselor. I have mainly been her dedicated listener…processing with her, loving her and upholding her. I’ve been there to help her walk forward from the past.  I carry her in my prayers relentlessly and I am delighted to become part of this team.  Throughout my own life there have been lots of scattered storms and heart hurling hurricanes which I have weathered strong… so be it known, my personal experiences are fairly broad. (Everything from being a first time runaway bride to losing a dad who was very young and more) As I post I’m sure I will find the opportunity to tell you more of my own story one way or another… but right this minute I am just wanting to tell you that I am ready to listen with utmost attention and that along with the others here, I’ll offer you any encouragement that I can.

Yes, I was the girl who at 5 years old, could not stand seeing anything (bird or cat) or anyone (mother or bullied friend) hurting, crying or in pain. I really felt deep down in my own heart what seemed to be going on inside hurting things and hurting people. As I got older I realized what a terrible thing it is to be alone in one’s pain and I still had this longing within me for helping or comforting others. I seemed to notice all the hurt in the world and through the eyes of a 5 year old girl it made me think hard about someday joining the Salvation Army or taking up with the Red Cross or some organization full of female rescuers of sorts!! That idea came and went but after many other twists and turns I found myself walking one on one through some of the very hardest themes of life with those who have needed to be heard, helped, loved…for as long as it takes to see change.

The thing I find is that love and mercy, compassion and understanding, if given with trustworthiness and hope…don’t generally seem to fail. They have a language that is not all spoken…which is why I still work hardest at being a truly good listener.  I learned the incredible value of words and their power at a very young age. I began to listen hard…paying attention to what people said, how they said it and particularly whether or not the words of adults were full of hypocrisy.  Hypocrisy and double standards were the things that nearly destroyed my family and I somehow made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t end up going down that road with them or like them.  A goal like that took work on my part as I searched for truth and self worth and a better way. I determined to use words carefully, lovingly and respectfully. There were lots of things I personally had to overcome but even through what seemed like a long passage I found hope, I found strength, and I never gave up.  So as we meet here, those are the things I hope to find words for… and to pass them on to you.  



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