To say this is the ultimate achievement. For what seemed like millions of years, I looked for happiness, comfort, love, to be accepted. I searched in every person that took time to invest in me for what might make me happy. Each time, I was let down and left disappointed. I wondered why I wasn’t good enough for them to stay. Why was I not good enough to be loved? Then I realized, happiness has “I” in it for a reason. No one could make me happy but myself. I can enjoy life with another person, I can enjoy loving and being loved by another person but I could never find the sole source of my happiness in another. But to be happy by yourself is a hard task. You might feel unloved, and lonely along the way. But when these thoughts come in the middle of the night when your mind is loud, you must remember you are in control of those feelings and those thoughts. The world will try to break you down and make you feel weak for being by yourself. One is seen as inferior to two. But the happiest I have found myself yet, is when I’ve been by myself. I never would’ve thought I’d say that. I used to be so dependent on having a boyfriend that without one, I felt lost. Now, instead of spending my days actively searching for someone to make me happy, I am spending time doing things by myself. And I am happy! I hope if you are reading this and you seek happiness, that you can look deeper within yourself. Your happiness is there, inside you. 💜-Liv

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