The world is not all unicorns and butterflies. You already knew this, didn’t you? You wake up every single day with the feeling that something better might happen… or even worse, something horrible might happen. You turn on the television and the news is on. Welp. That doesn’t make anything any more calming. You think “how do these things happen everywhere else but not in my life”? Fear. You’re scared of what may happen next. Fear. It takes over your body. Fear. It takes over your whole entire mind until you are imagining horrible things so vividly. To the point that it hurts your heart and you just wish you could stop your mind from even thinking at all. Fear. It does exactly what it wants. It makes you lose hope. It makes you lose faith in humanity. But then you think, “you know what?” There is too much fear in the world already. There is too much moping around and too much worry about what will happen next. “Who will be the next victim?” “Should I trust this person next to me?” “What if this happens?” NO. Get out, fear! From now on, whenever I can feel a horrible thought arising in my mind, I’m going to take control and stop it. Because I can go on living life scared and helpless or I can change that RIGHT NOW and be something different than everyone else. I don’t need these chains holding me down. And here’s a thought; What if my being fearless starts to rub off on everybody else? Everybody I may run into or meet? Fearless is what I’ll be.. NO. Better yet, I’m going to be brave. And I’m going to put you to the test. I want you to be brave too. Be brave. Be very brave. And brace yourself. 💜-Ariana

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