Somebody loves you. Somebody wants the best for you. There is somebody that wakes up every single day and thinks about you. Somebody that prays about you and wishes the best for you. Maybe it’s an old pal or somebody you pass by at the grocery store every now and then. Maybe it’s your grandma or a teacher you had back in elementary school. There is somebody that goes to your social media page only every now and then to see if you’ve uploaded any new pictures and maybe you didn’t so they just scroll through the ones already posted that they’ve seen a couple dozen times. They think you’re a beautiful human being. They think you’re hair falls perfect in place, your smile may be a little shinier than anyone else they’ve seen, and your eyes may speak a little louder to them than the average person. While you on the other hand, are constantly insecure as you walk into the grocery store dressed in a plain t-shirt and some shorts or while you post a picture on social media and don’t get as many likes as you were hoping to get as if those “likes” fulfill anything in your heart. You think you’re having a bad hair day or you feel hideous because you have a pimple and you think you don’t deserve the right to go in public today….. We are so hard on ourselves. We are our biggest critic. So when you’re having one of these days, just remember that one person that thinks you’re perfect. And wishes that you knew it too. Just because you don’t understand it, doesn’t mean it isn’t so. 💜-Ariana

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