We’ve all got goals, right? We all have dreams we want to work towards and achieve. And by all means, you should pursue them. In fact, it’d be great if we could flow through life only with accomplishments, but reality is, everybody experiences rejection and failure at some point. Even those who we consider highly successful, had to work for what they wanted.Here’s a couple examples. Walt Disney was fired by his editor because he “lacked imagination and had no good ideas.” And even after that, he continued to fail. His first go at business landed in bankruptcy when he acquired an animation studio. Because of his inability to manage salaries for the people he hired, the business wound up heavily in debt. Elizabeth Gilbtert, author of Eat Pray Love, tried for six years to get her books published while working at a diner. She continued to get rejected, day after day. Joan Jett, one of the world’s most well-known musicians, was rejected by 23 major label companies. But even after all these failures, she, and the others I’ve mentioned, did not give up. Since no one would give her business, Joan Jett decided to make her own producing company, called Blackheart Studios. Elizabeth Gilbert is now a famous, successful author. And we all know about how Walt Disney turned out.So, what made these people keep going? It seems both realistic and logical, that certainly after six years of trying to accomplish something and failing, the only solution would be to give up. Because obviously, this isn’t working out, maybe this just isn’t meant to happen. But through reading all these stories of failure, a common mindset, I’ve discovered, is shared among all of these hugely successful people. It’s best described by Elizabeth Gilbert, who stated “I kept pushing on because I loved writing more than I hated failing at writing. I loved writing more than I loved myself. It is my home.”Further elaborated, your home is not always a physical place, it is whatever you love in this world more than you love yourself. Some people find it in a person, some people find it in something like creativity or invention. And that kind of passion and love for something consumes you. It’s no longer something that you do, it’s a part of who you are.Of course, it’s inevitable that not all of your ideas and plans are going to succeed, as peoples interests and opinions are going to fluctuate all over the place. But regardless, as long as you stay true to yourself and speak to your own passions, you will be a much happier artist. You must not let the outcome define who you are as a person. You must live and create for yourself. So, if your first course of action or plan doesn’t go accordingly, rethink and try again. Don’t give up. Sometimes it just takes time, but you’ll get there, I believe in you. 💜-Hunter

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